Creates two-way extrusion for polygons to turn flat surface into solid shape.
Extrusion strength might be controlled with Fields falloff.

Implemented as Generator and Modifier.
Modifier supports Restriction tag.

Object properties

Frame Dependent

Time update geometry update dependency.


Default option to work with. In most cases geometry rebuilds on frame update.


Enforces to rebuild geometry at each frame update.


Restrict to rebuild geometry only in case of frame update.

Thickness 0..+∞ m

Thickness depth size.

Depth Steps 1..4096

Use this setting to define the number of extrusion steps.

Center -∞..+∞ %

Defines balance of solid shape towards original polygon normals direction.
Value of 50% would have equal distance between start & end caps relative to original surface.


Subdivide solid shape caps.


Caps are not subdivided.


Caps are subdivided linear.


Caps are subdivided smoothly over surface and boundaries.


Caps are subdivided smoothly over surface, but keep boundaries edgy.

Subdivision 0..8

Number of subdivision steps that should take place. The polygon or point count will increase exponentially with each step. Should be careful increasing the number of steps.
Especially in Iron mode.

Strength 0..100%

Applicable for Iron mode only.
The Percent value defines the strength of smoothing. A value of 0% results in no smoothing at all, while a value of 100% produces maximum smoothing.

Angle 0..180 °

Defines the maximum angle the surfaces can have to each other while still maintaining a hard edge.
If this angle is smaller than the defined value, the edge will be rounded.

Iterations 1..8

Applicable for Iron mode only.
Defines smoothing iterations count.


Creates shell (side) geometry.

Start Cap

Creates start cap geometry.

End Cap

Creates end cap geometry.


Start Cap Selection

Creates Start Cap Polygon Selection tag.

End Cap Selection

Creates End Cap Polygon Selection tag.

Shell Selection

Creates Shell side Polygon Selection tag.

Depth Vertex Map

Creates Depth weight map Vertex Map tag.

Invert Depth Map

Disabled — gradient comes from the start to the end.
Enabled — gradient comes from the end to the start.


Break Phong

Enabled — caps boundaries would have broken phong edges to have sharper look.

Invert Normals

Enabled — solid shape normals would be inverted, i.e. inwards.



Fields falloff to control Thickener's thickness.