Subdivides polygons similar to Cinema4D Subdivision Surface.
Affected region is controlled with Fields falloff.

Implemented as Modifier only.
Supports Restriction tag.

Object properties

Frame Dependent

Time update geometry update dependency.


Default option to work with. In most cases geometry rebuilds on frame update.


Enforces to rebuild geometry at each frame update.


Restrict to rebuild geometry only in case of frame update.



Polygons are subdivided linear.


Polygons are subdivided smooth.

Subdivisions 0..8

Number of subdivision steps that should take place. The polygon or point count will increase exponentially with each step. Should be careful increasing the number of steps.

Angle 0..180 °

Defines the maximum angle the surfaces can have to each other while still maintaining a hard edge.
If this angle is smaller than the defined value, the edge will be rounded.

Disconnect Islands

Disconnects polygons into separated segment for each subdivision step.
This would help to keep polygons as quads. Otherwise polygons with lower subdivision would be turned into n-gons.


Use Active Sel.

Restrict subdivided region to active polygon selection.


If enabled — active polygon selection wouldn't be subdivided, but all other polygons — would be.


Iterative Sampling

When disabled — polygons are sampled once, and subdivided as many times as allows their sampled weight.
When enabled — polygons are sampled at each iteration. This would lead to more adaptive subdivided geometry.


Fields falloff to control Subdivider's effect region.